Rothy’s shoes review: 1 week in review


After my mishap of ordering the Rothy’s round toe ballet flat a size too small, I received my exchange and I’ve had these now for about a week. Where I’ve worn them:

  • Out to dinner and drinks (2 times)
  • To walk around the mall (1 time)
  • To work (2 times)
  • Out to run various errands (grocery store, pet store, etc) (2 times)

I remain extremely pleased with my purchase. I haven’t had any red spots or evidence of rubbing anywhere! Most important not the heel or top of my foot/big toe. The first time I wore them out I did have some slight pressure on my big toe, but I trimmed my toenail and that solved the problem. They haven’t gotten dirty enough to need to be washed yet, but generally this is now my go-to flat. I haven’t worn any of my other flats since I purchased the correct size in Rothy’s. I’ve even chosen them over flip flops once for style since the comfort is about the same.

If you’re interested in getting a pair of Rothy’s you can use my referral code through August 16th, 2017 for $20 off.


Review: Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial


I recently received a sample of Korres’ Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial. I have run of out of the Origins night cream I was using so I used this sample for two nights.

The smell was a bit strange. I’m not sure if this was just the sample and if the full size differs? But certainly my sample pod had a weird sort of expire lotion smell to it. As if you had bought a standard unscented lotion and let it sit for years and it absorbed some of the plastic smell. It very vaguely reminded me of plain greek yogurt, but that was not the primary scent I got. Usually smells for face care arent that off putting to me; those weird natural plant smells just dont bother me. But this one felt like a kind of synthetic smell and I was more bothered by it than normal.

I liberally applied this on my face and neck and went to sleep. The next morning there was still a distinct layer on my face. I washed it off and went about my day. This sleeping “facial” did fine but nothing fantastic. Yes, my face felt moisturized but nothing substantially more than what I get with other products. I personally am not a big fan of the next morning still having a distinct layer of moisturizer on my face–it makes me feel like it didnt seep into my skin.

This sleeping facial was a perfectly fine product, but for $46 dollars I won’t be purchasing the full size.

Off to the next product adventure!

Disney hair bow!


I assume I will not wear my lovely Disney ears every day we’re there. 1) Perhaps they will start to bother my head after loads of hours, and mostly 2) I don’t understand how people wear sunglasses and headbands… that just doesnt work for me? My ears can only accommodate so much. Thus, while I am stoked to have my beautiful ears I wanted to have a cute hair accessory as well.

I bought a lovely sequin pineapple Dole whip bow from Frosting Hair Treats on Etsy. The specific bow I bought is not currently available, but here are all of the hair bows, including Star Wars, Disney princesses, Nightmare Before Christmas, and more. The shop also offers Disney ears, drinkware, and more.

If you follow the shop owner on instagram she posts flash sales/codes for her etsy shop. Sometimes the offer codes are for specific items, other times they are for the entire shop. I was able to snag my bow when all purchases were 50% off, meaning it was only $3 (instead of the full $6 price) + $3 shipping.

I placed my order on a Sunday. A little more than 3 weeks later my purchase was still marked as not shipped, so I sent the shop a message. I didn’t get a reply, but my order was shipped out about a week after contact. All in all it was a little over 4 weeks before my bow was shipped, and it arrived later that week. While I was disappointed in the long shipping time and the lack of communication about this, the final product is lovely. Also my order came with an additional bow that I did not order. I’m not sure if this was to make up for the long shipping time? There wasn’t a note to explain, but I assume it was a kind gesture and I really appreciate Etsy shop owners that go the extra mile.

bow 1bow 2

Here is the bow itself. Love how the clip on the back is lined with a ribbon to make sure no glue spills down and makes for awkward clip closing. Note that the clip is a little small compared to the bow size — it is definitely big enough to stay in but I wouldnt use it to hold hair back really. Also note that because the pineapple emblem has a “right side up” then this bow can really only be placed right side up on the head. I usually wear my hair accessories on the left side of my head, but being right handed and the orientation of the clip I would have to place the bow from the back of my head, rather than going from the front. All of the other hair bows I have don’t have emblems so can just be flipped if needed. This is not something I thought about before purchasing! So if you have a preferred place for your hair accessories be sure to note to the seller which way you’d like the clip facing to make using your hair bow easier.

Here is the bow sitting at the front of my bun. You can see its rather large!

And here is it clipped on to the right side of my head.

I’m not sure I would normally make such a silly purchase, but I really love this and for half off I think it was totally worth it! Bows are a great alternative to disney ears if you dont like headbands or want to spend a lot less money. Let me reiterate that with the coupon this bow was $3 plus shipping, whereas ears regularly run $25-$40. This could be a great way to still accessorize for Disney but save some money. I definitely recommend this shop as long as you are at least 1 month out from your trip. The beautiful quality and discounted price is worth the waiting.

Rothy’s shoes: a follow-up review


I decided to splurge for my birthday and purchase a pair of Rothy’s flats in size 7. I wear a 7 in most flats I own (from Banana Republic and BP), as well as most sandals (from Kelly & Katie and Born). However, these were simply just too small on my left foot. My initial impressions were really good other than the fact that they were clearly too small.

I dropped off my exchange at the post office late Saturday, and the following Thursday my size 7.5 exchange was on my front step in the afternoon. I remain impressed with shipping times. The exchange process was super easy and I’m glad this is an option (even though their FAQ makes you think it isnt). 7.5 is the size I wear in Keds and Vans sneakers.

R2 1

I didn’t notice this before, but the pull tab to open the box actually has a lovely blue ribbon glued to the back of it for easy pulling

R2 2

The unboxing; shoes cradled in a cute paper nest

R2 3

Shoes in the box

R2 4

Shoes out of the box

The Grey Birdseye is really beautiful and I’m still pleased with my choice. I wish the little blue stripe peaking out of the heel wasn’t there, but honestly it won’t affect what outfits I wear these flats with.

Having feet that are two different sizes makes wearing flats a real pain. I wish retailers would let you buy one shoe in one size and another shoe in another size to form a pair. Does anyone else have this problem? Every time I go to a running store they say its pretty common for feet to be a half size different, yet here we are stuck in this antiquated system where both shoes are always one size. End rant.

The 7.5 size definitely fit my left (bigger) foot better. My right (smaller) foot is probably actually a 7, but it can handle the 7.5. I wore these around my house for about 5 hours doing chores and whatnot and my left big toe is still a bit squished, but nothing that isnt manageable, and my right foot is a bit loose, but my heel wasn’t slipping out so not *too* big. I did put in a gel heel liner in my right shoe to see if that improved the fit. It helped a little but noticeably rubbed, taking away comfort from the shoe, so I removed it. The insoles are comfortable and removable. My left foot fit considerably better without the insole, however the shoe is pretty dang hard/flat without the insole. The insole itself is quite cushy and I like it a lot. However, I think I could use some extra toebox room in my left shoe, so maybe I will look for a heel only insert? Or an insert that is considerably thinner at the sole than the heel.

Oddly the left heel rubbed slightly but that went away after about 2 hours of use. I guess there was a little bit of a warm up time for the shoe to mold to my foot. The top of the shoe remains extremely comfortable – finally no rubbing on my big toe bone! I also noticed the soles have pretty decent traction for flats, which is a great plus.

R2 5

Grey Birdseye in indoor lighting

r2 7

Grey Birdseye in outdoor (overcast) lighting

My negatives about these flats:

  • There really is no arch support. This clearly isnt a Rothy’s specific problem, but just pointing out that if you need arch support this flat, while very comfortable, won’t solve that
  • My feet seemed to sweat a lot. I think its perhaps because the fibers are synthetic and not natural. So unlike wearing a leather flat that can breathe a bit this shoe seems to trap it in somewhat. This doesnt particularly bother me as there are many workarounds: spray deodorant, baby powder, or the shoes can be machine washed! Particularly given the fact that the shoes can be washed this really isn’t a problem, but something to note.

My positives about these flats:

  • They’re actually cute and comfortable
  • Eco-friendly
  • No rubbing on the top of the foot
  • No heel rubbing

Now I won’t be running a marathon or taking these for an 11 mile walking day in a theme park, but these are easily the most comfortable work appropriate ballet flat I own. While $105 may seem like a lot I think these shoes feel pretty sturdy and will hold up quite well over time.

If you’re interested in getting a pair of Rothy’s you can use my referral code through August 16th, 2017 for $20 off.

I am planning to post an update in a few weeks or months after I’ve worn these a lot more to see if the comfort lasts the test of time.

Rothy’s shoes: an honest initial review


My Facebook has been absolutely flooded with advertisements for Rothy’s shoes — supposedly eco-friendly and super comfortable. The shoes are made by recycling plastic water bottles then using the fibers to 3D knit the shoes. This process makes the shoes seamless, and the shoes are also treated with a moisture wicking agent to help keep your feet dry and comfortable. Plastic water bottle shoes don’t sound super comfortable,  but the website promises a silken feel. You can read more about the process in the FAQs.

After reading some reviews and looking at my current shoe collection I decided to take the plunge. I only have a couple pairs of ballet flats and I don’t really love any of them. The promise of blister-free flats was too enticing to pass up. I have been eyeing Tieks for years, but Rothy’s are significantly less expensive, more eco-friendly, and can be machine washed! While I still want a pair of Tieks, Rothy’s make more sense for my budget right now.

I decided to go with the traditional round toe ballet flat (“The Flat“). 1) I’m not a fan of pointy toes, and 2) the rounded toes are less expensive than the pointy toed versions. At $125 this is still a serious price tag for a flat in my opinion, but I did use a referral code to bring it down to $105. In North Carolina there was no tax or shipping fee, so a flat $105 it is. After input from friends I went for the Grey Birdseye — both beautiful and versatile. I ordered a size 7, which is the size I wear in flats from Banana Republic and BP at Nordstrom.

I placed my order on a Monday afternoon, received shipping confirmation about five hours later, then they were at my doorstep Saturday afternoon. Not bad for free shipping across the country!

They arrive in a grey shoe box made from recycled materials with beautiful blue foil text. The inside of the box reminds you what makes Rothy’s special–made from recycled material, machine washable, recyclable when you decide theyre too worn out, and versatile. The packaging is pretty, but nothing insanely special. The box does come with a pull tab to open, and the inside of the flap has a self-sealing option for if you want to ship them back.

The flats looked as they did on the website. I wore them around my house for about 3 hours and found the claims to be true (at least initially). I had no marks on the back of my heel, the edge didn’t dig into my foot anywhere, even the top of my foot/big toe bone where I often feel discomfort from shoes, and the shoes weren’t hard or plasticy feeling at all. I’m not sure I would call these ‘silken’, but they definitely don’t resemble a plastic water bottle. This is easily the most comfortable flat I’ve tried on.

I found them to be cute and comfortable on my right foot, which is slightly smaller than my left. My left foot was simply too large for this size 7. So for now I am exchanging them for a 7.5, which for reference is the size I wear in all Keds sneakers.

Exchanging was really simple! The FAQ on the website currently says exchanges are only possible by returning and purchasing a new pair; however, I did not find this to be the case. Being able to exchange instead of just return and re-purchase was really lovely because it means I didn’t have to go hunt down my referral code for $20 off again! Returns and exchanges are also completely free in the US. In my box I was instructed to head to There I entered my email and selected the return I wished to process. It asked my why I was returning with many options, I selected too small. It then asked me if I wanted to exchange for the same pair (The Flat in Grey Birdseye) and if yes what size, so I selected 7.5. Then I completed my return and was prompted to download and print a return label. Now I found this a bit annoying — I wish the Rothy’s just included the return label with each shipment. I know plenty of people who don’t own a printer and thus printing out a label is a bit of a pain. Considering there’s no way to try these on in person (unless a friend has some) you’d think they’d expect a large volume of returns for fit issues — so why not just provide the prepaid label?! But alas, I printed my label, taped it to the box top over the original label, sealed up the box with all its original contents with the self-sealing strip, then dropped it off at the post office.

I went to the post office late Saturday afternoon (I was hoping the cut-off time was 5PM, but sadly it was 1:30), so my shoes should be off back to Rothy’s first thing Monday morning. Once I get my size 7.5 pair I will post a complete review once I’ve received the correct size and have worn them around a bit more.

In the mean time if you’re interested in Rothy’s my first impression is very good! Not having blisters over a few hours is way better than all of my other flats. You can use my referral code to get $20 off until August 16th, 2017.

Edit:// if you want to see how I felt after my exchange read my next blog post!

An honest review of LuLaRoe clothing


Generally I like LuLaRoe clothes. I easily have over 30 pieces. However, there are some tips and tricks I follow to make sure I am spending smartly. Here’s a summary, but jump beneath the cut to read more in depth:

  • I try to only buy if I am getting at least 30% off
  • Do not buy a print you love in a size/style you won’t wear
  • I only buy the Perfect T for the T shirt styles
  • I do not buy any of the cover up type styles
  • Leggings are nice
  • Carly and Nicole are my preferred dresses
  • Madison is my favorite skirt
  • Sizes can vary!!!
  • I wear between an XS to a L across the styles, so be sure to try on styles at a local retailer/consultant before you buy online
  • I would not recommend becoming a LLR retailer/consultant

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Cute inexpensive sunglasses!


I’ve been on the hunt for some stylish but inexpensive sunglasses. Even styles I like at Target are running $17 +tax these days, which is just too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a quality pair of sunglasses, but I also don’t want to take these to theme parks or on hikes where I’m inevitably going to just be throwing my shades in my bag and don’t want to deal with a bulky case.

Finally I’ve found Sunglass Warehouse! I recently placed an order; see my review of timing, the product, and customer service below.

A summary:

  • Often has coupons for 20-40% off
  • Free shipping for orders of $25 or more
  • Awesome customer service
  • Easily sort through different styles of frames, lenses, and frame sizes

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