Meal-proof lipstick search: L’Oréal Infallible 2-Step Lip Color


The hunt continues for a lip color I can eat a meal with and look dignified after! I most recently tested L’Oréal’s Infallible 2-Step Lip Color in Passionate Petal. This color reminds me of a darker bubblegum pink, and costs $12.99 at Ulta. Like the Revlon lip color I tried this is a two-sided product. First is the lip color, then comes the “color lock balm”. The product  claims up to 24 hours of lip color that lasts with no compromise. Obviously 24 hours is a bit insane; all I want is a single meal!

I applied lip primer and lip liner as I did before (although a pink liner this time!) then applied 3 coats of the lip color. I do like this color and formula, but it had a certain sheen/glossiness to it that made it to where I don’t think it was ever going to be 100% opaque. So I stopped at 3 coats, waited 5 minutes, then applied the color lock balm. Unlike the Revlon gloss side this balm was awesome! It went on smooth and after the application of the balm the wear felt great. No lip color transferred on to the balm. My lips were soft and comfortable, and any time they started to feel dry I just applied more balm. So far things were looking up! Wear/feel score for this lip color is a 7/10. Not as heavenly comfortable as the Stila product, but I was seriously impressed for this bargain price. I did like the way it looked on me; I get nervous about pinks since I have some prominent many pink undertones in my skin. Note I’m not wearing any makeup here except the lip color.

loreal 1.jpg

I didn’t have any plans to go out soon but wanted to test this lip color ASAP, so I just applied it and wore it around the house while doing chores. Then came dinner. I made chicken fettuccine alfredo and ate that with a glass of water. Again, I don’t think alfredo is as challenging as a chicken biscuit (did I give Stila a fair chance?!), but its certainly not a delicate food. Sadly after my meal my once glorious lip color had faded to a chunky mess. A significant portion came off the right half off my top lip, and I was left with the middle portion of my bottom lip mostly covered but the meal had certainly eaten away lip color on my bottom lip towards the top and bottom of my lip line.

Interestingly what lip color was left was *extremely* difficult to take off! Maybe there is an application technique I need to perfect to make this work? While this was a definite fail, with a meal-proof score of 2/10, I may try this one again and pay more attention to how I applied it in the areas it came off in.

Do you have any tips/tricks for application to increase the likelihood of making it through a meal?

Rankings so far (note: the high meal-proof score is only 2/10, so we have a long way to go!)
1. Stila Stay All Day
2. L’Oréal Infallible 2-Step Lip Color
3. Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color

Meal-proof lipstick search: Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color


My second attempt at a meal-proof lipstick was using Revlon’s ColorStay Overtime Lip Color in Forever Scarlet. Another very true red. Who doesn’t yearn for the perfect red lipstick?

This lip color runs about $11, compared to the $22 for Stila’s Stay All Day liquid lipstick that’s a huge steal! It comes with both lip color and gloss and claims up to 16 hours of comfortable wear without any feathering, bleeding, or touch-ups needed. I applied the same primer and lip liner as before, and followed it up with 3 coats of the lip color. This time I really do think 3 coats were necessary. This gloss really is glossy so in order to achieve opaque color multiple layers are required.

Applying it was easy enough but as it started to try I felt like it was getting a bit clumpy. It also stayed rather sticky throughout the wear, and my lips felt dry. Application of the gloss helped with the dry feeling but seemed to only exacerbate the clumps.While I do like the gloss part of this the gloss clearly also takes off some color, as my gloss wand is now red instead of white. Wear/feel for this Revlon lip color is only a 3/10 I’d say. It wasn’t miserable, but especially compared to the comfortable wear of the Stila lipstick I wasn’t very happy. This color was less impactful than the Stila’s, but I still like how it looked on (maybe just not as much).


I went out with friends to grab dinner and drinks at a local Bar Louie. We split appetizers of chips and dip and calamari, a pitcher of sangria, and I had a chicken quesadilla. This meal certainly was not as intense as chicken biscuit, but I was still drinking out of a wine glass and eating a quesadilla without using a fork. After the meal was done and I arrived home I saw some lip color left but also some definite patches. Particularly on my bottom lip a lot had flaked off and part were visibly looking chunky.

revlon 2

While more color overall did stay on than my first attempt with Stila, I preferred how the Stila came off evenly as opposed to this chunky mess. I would not be happy if I was working and grabbed lunch to return with lips like this. Meal-proof score: 1/10.

For now my rankings are:
1. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick
2. Revlon ColorStay Overtime

I’m excited to try out other formulas and hopefully land on better results! On to the next lipstick + meal adventure.

Do you think this $11 lipstick is a better buy than the $22 Stila one?

Meal-proof lipstick search: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick review


I love lipstick. There’s something about wearing it that makes me feel powerful. However, I don’t love planning my entire day around lipstick. Only eating tiny bites of foods via a fork and only sipping through a straw. No one has time for this! I want to go about my day as usual while also wearing lipstick without the hassle of constant reapplication. Thus, I am going to test a bunch of lipsticks I already own plus buy some others that promise long wear to see how they do. Now I know most or all of these lipsticks will look amazing if you’re careful about it and touch it up. I’m looking for a lipstick that can stand up to my life that I don’t have to worry about touching up.

First up is Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery. This is a beautiful true red that is not too orange and not too purple. I applied Ultimate Ozone primer to my lips, lip liner, then finally 3 coats of the Stila Stay All Day, waiting a couple minutes to let each coat dry. 3 coats is probably a little overkill but I like my lipstick to be very opaque.


I love this shade of red and this lipstick actually dried pretty well. It wasnt cracking or flaky, my lips didnt feel thirsty, but it also wasn’t sticky. The feel of this liquid lipstick is a 9/10.

My partner and I took a lovely stroll around the UNC Chapel Hill campus for about 2.5 hours, then we decided it was lunch time. We went to the legendary Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen (seriously it’s been featured on Food Network). I got a regular, plain, but spectacular chicken biscuit. Now I know this isn’t really fair to the lipstick! This thing is huge and my lips have to touch it to eat it. Its also a chicken biscuit so obviously some grease is involved. But that is precisely the point! I want to see what, if any, lipstick can really live up to eating a meal without being delicate about it.

I enjoyed my chicken biscuit; it is easily the best one I’ve ever eaten. Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen is a magical place. But alas while eating I noticed I was eating a lot of lipstick. After every bite there was clearly lipstick on my biscuit. By the time I was done and had smacked my lips together a few times to try to even out what lipstick was left this was the result:

stila2This is… pretty dramatically different from where I started. There was a bit left giving just a hint of red, my lips definitely aren’t normally that colored. But largely this was a fail. Again, a chicken biscuit might be the toughest test but this lipstick did not stand a chance. Meal-proof score: 2/10.

While I love the color impact and feel of this liquid lipstick, it barely left remnants of itself after a meal. I’ll probably keep wearing this for drinks, but not for meals. Or at the very least I will be ready to re-apply throughout the day!

On to the next hope for a meal-proof lipstick.