Disney hair bow!


I assume I will not wear my lovely Disney ears every day we’re there. 1) Perhaps they will start to bother my head after loads of hours, and mostly 2) I don’t understand how people wear sunglasses and headbands… that just doesnt work for me? My ears can only accommodate so much. Thus, while I am stoked to have my beautiful ears I wanted to have a cute hair accessory as well.

I bought a lovely sequin pineapple Dole whip bow from Frosting Hair Treats on Etsy. The specific bow I bought is not currently available, but here are all of the hair bows, including Star Wars, Disney princesses, Nightmare Before Christmas, and more. The shop also offers Disney ears, drinkware, and more.

If you follow the shop owner on instagram she posts flash sales/codes for her etsy shop. Sometimes the offer codes are for specific items, other times they are for the entire shop. I was able to snag my bow when all purchases were 50% off, meaning it was only $3 (instead of the full $6 price) + $3 shipping.

I placed my order on a Sunday. A little more than 3 weeks later my purchase was still marked as not shipped, so I sent the shop a message. I didn’t get a reply, but my order was shipped out about a week after contact. All in all it was a little over 4 weeks before my bow was shipped, and it arrived later that week. While I was disappointed in the long shipping time and the lack of communication about this, the final product is lovely. Also my order came with an additional bow that I did not order. I’m not sure if this was to make up for the long shipping time? There wasn’t a note to explain, but I assume it was a kind gesture and I really appreciate Etsy shop owners that go the extra mile.

bow 1bow 2

Here is the bow itself. Love how the clip on the back is lined with a ribbon to make sure no glue spills down and makes for awkward clip closing. Note that the clip is a little small compared to the bow size — it is definitely big enough to stay in but I wouldnt use it to hold hair back really. Also note that because the pineapple emblem has a “right side up” then this bow can really only be placed right side up on the head. I usually wear my hair accessories on the left side of my head, but being right handed and the orientation of the clip I would have to place the bow from the back of my head, rather than going from the front. All of the other hair bows I have don’t have emblems so can just be flipped if needed. This is not something I thought about before purchasing! So if you have a preferred place for your hair accessories be sure to note to the seller which way you’d like the clip facing to make using your hair bow easier.

Here is the bow sitting at the front of my bun. You can see its rather large!

And here is it clipped on to the right side of my head.

I’m not sure I would normally make such a silly purchase, but I really love this and for half off I think it was totally worth it! Bows are a great alternative to disney ears if you dont like headbands or want to spend a lot less money. Let me reiterate that with the coupon this bow was $3 plus shipping, whereas ears regularly run $25-$40. This could be a great way to still accessorize for Disney but save some money. I definitely recommend this shop as long as you are at least 1 month out from your trip. The beautiful quality and discounted price is worth the waiting.


How to: bleach/dye your hair from brown to blonde at home!


For 22.5 years of my life my hair had always been brown and I had never ventured much into messing with it. Sort of on a whim I decided to get a bob and have it dyed orange — the biggest haircut I had ever had I think and the first time I had my hair bleached. The bill for this was insane though! $160 without tip. From that day I decided I wouldn’t waste my money any longer and would learn how to dye my hair myself (I still pay for haircuts though).

It took me a lot of mucking around to figure things out perfectly for me, but now I’ve got it down to a science. I have rather thin hair; before dyeing it it was the type of hair that wouldn’t hold a curl. If your hair type is different the following may not work as well for you.

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need; read more below for more description, tips and tricks!

  • Powder bleach
  • Developer
  • Mixing bowl and brush
  • Gloves
  • Disposable shower cap
  • Non metal hair clips
  • Ion absolute perfection booster step 1 and 2
  • Wella T18 and T14 (depending on your natural undertones)

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Hair care steals


I have bleached my hair dozens of times in the past couple of years so it requires some serious TLC. I love the Redken Extreme line, but it can be a bit pricey and Sally Beauty does not carry it. Right now Ulta is having its Jumbo love event! Meaning you can get the Redken extreme shampoo and conditioner for $14.99 each — thats more than half off and comes to ~$0.45 an ounce!!! Plus snag a liter pump (trust me you want this) for just $1. I typically buy 2 conditioners and 1 shampoo and that lasts me at least 6 months. This is definitely the time to stock up! And (although its not on sale) if you bleach your hair I would also recommend picking up the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap.

Do you have a hair care line you swear by?