Meal-proof lipstick search: Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor


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After my great success with Tarte I’m a little weary to try anything else honestly! But I took Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor in Mauve Muse for a spin. This color seems like the perfect mix of a bright fun berry pink and a mauve nude, so it feels nice and pink but not an in your face pink.

It applied pretty easily, although I think this formula is meant to be slightly sheer. I couldn’t build it up to the opacity of Tarte or Stila, but I think that’s how its supposed to be! Like other formulas I’ve tried this is a 2-part. The instructions say to apply it, wait at least 60 seconds without touching lips, then apply the moisturizing top coat. I found it pretty hard not to smack my lips together after application! It’s a weird and satisfying habit. I applied two coats of the color, waiting a minute in between, then waited a few minutes to apply the top coat. The color never really fully dried, it always had a bit of a tackiness to it. The topcoat felt wonderful though and didnt appear to remove any color whatsoever. The wear/feel of this lipcolor is a 7/10. I wish the formula was more buildable and less tacky, but overall I’m pleased.


I went out on a best friend date to a wonderful local southern food restaurant followed by a dessert bar. I ordered a pork grilled cheese with a mac and cheese side and had some sangria from a wine glass and water through a straw. I could literally feel it coming off of my lips as I ate my sandwich. My sandwich was on some dark and delicious pumpernickel bread so I couldnt see my lipcolor coming off with every bite, but I knew it was happening. I used the restroom and checked; lo and behold my lips were effectively bare. There were a few remaining awkward chunks that I easily wiped away, and off I went to a dessert bar with no lip color in sight.  I returned from my best friend date completely full of amazing food, drink, and love, but completely lacking in lip color. That is just what my lips look like.


I was almost so disappointed I was shocked. This lipcolor has decent reviews on the Ulta website! So I decided to give it another go. Maybe a pork grilled cheese wasn’t fair. Although I really think any food should be fair game, it’s certainly one of the toughest levels of difficulty. So the next day I tried again.

The below pictures are far less flattering as I am only wearing the lipcolor and mascara. I typically don’t actually wear much makeup even though I love it. My partner and I decided to do some walking then some errands and we ended up at the mall foodcourt for lunch. Here I got some fries, a drink through a straw, and chicken nuggets. I liberally applied the moisturizing top coat right before eating and found results to be pretty great!

You can see some color missing on my bottom lip toward my right corner (the left of this picture), and certainly the edges of the formula are drying out a bit, but it still felt comfortable on my lips and generally looked okay! After a few hours at home we went to the Outback for dinner. I did not touch up the lipcolor. I did again reapply the moisturizing top coat. Here I had a drink through a straw, mashed potatoes, and a steak.



Again, you can see some dryness/feathering on the edge, and the corners on my bottom lip are wearing, but overall a relative success! The bits on the edges were starting to form annoying dry clumps of what was once loved lipcolor, and I hate the way that feels. If we only consider these two meals and forget about my best friend date pork grilled cheese I’d actually give this a meal-proof score of 6/10. The minimum amount to pass, but nothing to call home and brag about.

Based on this result I think I need to go back and try the Stila Stay All Day formula again. It only got tested on a chicken biscuit and it seems no lip color may live up to a large sandwich.

On to try the next product! Although I am definitely going to keep this in my rotation.

1. Tarte’s Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint; meal-proof 7/10, feel 8/10, I would buy this again
2. Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor; meal-proof 6/10, feel 7/10, I would consider buying this again on sale
3. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick; meal-proof 2/10, feel 9/10, I would consider buying this again just because the formula feels amazing
4. L’Oréal Infallible 2-Step Lip Color, meal-proof 2/10, feel 7/10, I might buy this again if it was on sale but probably not
5. Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color; meal-proof 1/10, feel 3/10, I don’t think I would buy this again even if it was on sale


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