My first Disney ears!


One of my first posts on this blog was a list of beautiful Disney ears. I recently purchased my first pair and I am so thrilled!

I bought this lovely pair of pineapple ears with a sequin bow from Allison at Its A Ear World on Etsy. Originally the ears only had the option of a white satin bow. I messaged Allison asking about the possibility of a gold or white or black sequin (or otherwise sparkly) bow and she said she’d get back to me. She found these awesome gold sequin bows and messaged me right away. She made a custom order for me where I paid $28 for the ears with the sequin bow and $7.20 for shipping. Shipping was a bit more expensive than I’d like, but it was shipped priority and came in less than a week. Less than a week for a handmade item is pretty dang impressive! And since the new listing includes shipping and is ~$5 less than what I paid. I think this is definitely a fair price.

The ears are puffy, the headband is surprisingly comfortable (it doesn’t dig into my skull like most the hard plastic ones), and the design is stunning. She really pays attention to details, including how the pineapples on the ears were angled.

ears front

Front of my pineapple Disney ears

ears back

Back of my pineapple Disney ears

ears inside

Inside of my pineapple Disney ears. There is a velvet ribbon lining the headband that helps keep it in place on my head nicely.

ears close up

A closeup of the pineapple print and gold sequin bow.

ears eyes

A close up!

I paid for my order on a Friday and my ears were in my mailbox the next Thursday. They came shipped priority USPS mail. There was a super cute card and the ears were wrapped first in tissue paper with a bow then second with bubble wrap. I was a bit worried being sent through the mail might damage them, but Allison clearly thought of that.

Allison also added a coupon code for my next purchase as well as a surprise Magic Band accessory! It’s pretty awesome that she did this considering she basically made this special order headband with the sequin bow for me. This really is above and beyond! Now obviously I can’t say she’ll do this for everyone, but this is an example of the kind of seller Allison is. I asked her for extra, and not only did she get me what I asked for but included even more extras.

I had no intention of purchasing a magic band accessory from her or anyone. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to wear my new magic band or if I’m going to remove the puck and use a Magic Keeper. Seeing this though — its so cute! Maybe I will just wear the new magic band on my wrist. I still don’t have my new Magic Band 2.0, but below is the cute accessory Allison sent on my old Magic Band.


Allison’s shop is fairly new to Etsy so she doesn’t have a lot of reviews, but don’t let that deter you from purchasing! I had an amazing experience and am absolutely in love with my ears. Can’t wait to wear them in the park while eating some Dole whip!


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